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It’s That Time of Year, Are You Prepared?

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It’s that time of year again, arguably the worst time of year to travel. The roads are packed with other fellow drivers. Combined with fierce winds, strong snow gusts, ice, and in some places, heavy snow, driving can be a nightmare. But there are things you can do to prepare your ride to assist in these terrible driving conditions. Swapping out tires, checking up on trie pressure, filling washer fluid and coolant/antifreeze, and remembering to grab the ice scraper are all common things to do in preparation. But one of the often overlooked safety features of a car is the windshield wipers. Many forget to check their wiper blades until it’s too late, and they are driving in the middle of a snow or heavy rain with little visibility from the windshield. Wiper blades are a part of driver safety that can be easily checked and replaced. We want you to know how to check your wiper blades, the best ones for your particular needs, and how to install them.

How to Check Your Wiper Blades

Many people don’t realize that there are a lot of checks you, the driver, can do to see whether your car is ready to drive. In this case, we are looking at the wipers, so how do you check the windshield wipers?

Simply put, wipers clean off outside debris from the windshield. The wiper blades themselves are attached to the windshield by a mechanical arm. The mechanical arm is positioned to move left and right from the windshield wiper motor. The windshield blade itself is designed to glide across the windshield without resistance. The rubber on the end of the blade ensures that smooth gliding motion across the glass, while also creating a seal against the glass to drag along with-it water, snow, dirt, and bugs. But this rubber is where we get our first issue, an improper seal against the glass. If the rubber loses its temporary gliding seal against the glass, it will start to “skip” across, leaving objects in the view of the driver. This improper seal can be caused by running the wipers while the windshield is dry, forcing the rubber against the glass that isn’t lubricated by water.

Even with the water on the glass, over time, the wipers will lose the seal and start missing or spreading the water or dirt across the windshield, further interrupting the driver’s view. This improper seal can be disturbed by particles getting stuck underneath the wipers. If that’s the case and your wipers are “skipping,” there is an easy fix. Grab a rag or a paper towel and wipe off the blades so that they are free of those leaves or ice chunks. The wiper blade arms move away from the windshield for easy cleaning and installation of new wipers.

In review, wipers can be determined in need of replacement if they are skipping and causing a distraction to the driver. If you’re in a rainstorm and the water isn’t being effectively pushed off the windshield, it’s time to consider a replacement. If you noticed you’re in need of a replacement, which ones should you buy?

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What Should You Choose?

The ideal choice varies from location to location, as one place might have totally different weather conditions than another. Someone in Florida won’t need the same type of wiper blades than we do here in Cincinnati, OH, where there is heavy snow.

There are a ton of different brands and options to choose from that will fit your needs. But, something that every driver needs is a good reliable place to buy them from, a place that will get you the right kind of blade that actually fits on your vehicle. Here at Kings Ford Quick Lane, we can get you exactly what you need. Our parts experts are able to provide the correct sizing and type for your vehicle. If you’re ever uncertain, you can simply pop off your old blades and bring them in with you.

Installing Wiper Blades

For different car companies, there are different ways of installing wipers. This is why some wiper blades have adapters that can assist in installing wipers on different types of cars. Our service professionals are happy to help install blades on more complicated models, or to swap yours out if you simply don’t have the time.

For many vehicles, installing wiper blades are fairly easy, especially after the first time you replace them. Typically, the blades come with instructions, but if you need to get the old blades off before you go in to purchase the new ones, there is usually a hook or tab. You lift the arm away from the windshield and find the connection point to the wiper arm. A tab can be depressed and the blade slid off, or a hook unclasped. If you need additional help, you can come in and see us, or there are plenty of videos that can assist you. If you have a Ford this video will be perfect for you:

Will You be Prepared?

As we’ve discussed, there are simple and easy ways to ensure the safety of your vehicle. After an easy evaluation, it can be determined whether or not you need a new set of wiper blades. Dirt, ice, and an improper seal can cause the wiper to skip across the windshield. If you’ve cleaned the wiper off and the skipping continues, it’s time to replace the windshield wiper blades. Another evaluation could be an ineffective wipe across the windshield, not fully clearing the rain after a pass. It is better to do it now before a bad rain or snowstorm. Trust us, trying to clean the road salt off your windshield in the middle of winter with wipers that are no longer good can be a nightmare. If you determine that you need a new set of wiper blades to visit us at Kings Ford Quick Lane in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have a great selection of wipers and a wide range of sizes. Our parts department is ready and willing to help you get wiper blades that meet your needs with a perfect fit to the vehicle. Located 8755 Fields Ertel Rd, we have the experience to get your vehicle the perfect set of wipers.