Wiper Blades

A closeup of a wiper blade cleaning water off a windshield Your windshield wiper blades are one of those things that are easy to forget about until you really need them, then you better hope they work right. Here in Cincinnati, rough weather and hard winters can take their toll on any vehicle, and having good wiper blades can quite literally mean the difference between getting home safely and being in a collision. The good news is that proper wiper blade maintenance is not particularly difficult, time-consuming, or expensive, and yet far too many people let it slide until they find themselves holding a flashlight in their mouth while desperately trying to replace a wiper blade in the rain at 1:30 in the morning. Here at Kings Ford Quick Lane, we are here to help you with all of your automotive maintenance and service needs. While sometimes that means coming to us for a routine oil change or something more serious, it can also be something simple. We often have customers come to us asking for help with finding the right replacement wiper blades and making sure they are installed correctly. Let’s take a quick look at some important things you should know about your vehicle’s wiper blades so you can take better care of your car. We would much rather help you replace your wiper blades, then see you come in after a big rainstorm with a banged-up fender – or worse! Call or come by today to make sure your vehicle is prepared for winter and beyond, and to find out more about caring for your ride.