A closeup of a wheel with equipment for alignments attached is shown.  

At Kings Ford Quick Lane, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with expert auto care and maintenance. No matter if you’re the proud owner of an SUV, pickup truck, sedan, or sleek sports car, we are committed to extraordinary service. To us, our main priority is keeping your car running smoothly for the long-term. No matter, if you’re driving something brand new, or are behind the wheel of a fixer-upper, we’ve got all of your maintenance needs covered in full. We specialize in a wide variety of servicing and maintenance options, and under our umbrella of service is wheel alignments. What is a wheel alignment? Well, realigning your wheels can mean a lot for your drive, and can affect everything from the fuel economy of your vehicle to the life-span of your tires. We’ll show you the importance of wheel alignments and how our team of car care experts can provide you with top-notch wheel alignment services.