Air Conditioning System

A blue hose is hooked up to a car's AC valve to perform an auto air conditioning repair.  

You do not have to live in the unrelenting heat of Arizona to feel the need for air conditioning in your vehicle. Even here in Cincinnati, hot summer days can turn up the heat inside your vehicle really fast – parking in the shade can help, but a closed up car can be 20 degrees hotter inside than outside. That is why proper auto air conditioning repair and maintenance is so important to ensure you can stay cool and comfortable in your vehicle.

Routine maintenance on your car’s air conditioning system can include inspecting and cleaning your fans and filters, as well as checking your coolant levels. When issues are found, then we can quickly and effectively make repairs or replacements as necessary to ensure your A/C system is in good running order. Your comfort while driving is important, not only for your own wellbeing but also as a safe driver – it is easy to make mistakes or lose focus on the road when suffering through sweltering heat.

Bring your vehicle in to Kings Ford Quick Lane today and let us help you with auto air conditioning repair or any other service you need.