Cooling System

A gloved hand is removing the radiator cap on a car at a mechanic shop in Cincinnati, OH.  

A critical part of any automobile is its cooling system. Internal combustion engines generate a lot of heat when they are running and depend on a complex cooling system to remain at a safe temperature. If that cooling system fails, then the result can be anything from an engine knock to blown head gaskets and damaged pistons. In order to keep your engine from destroying itself from overheating, regular cooling system maintenance is vital. However, this is not always a single service as there are several different components in the cooling system that need attention at different times. This maintenance ranges from a scheduled coolant replacement to patching coolant leaks and repairing fans, to replacing water pumps and thermostats. While the cooling systems in modern vehicles are simple and robust, failures are not unheard of, and regular maintenance is key to preventing issues from occurring in your car, truck, or SUV.