Pirelli is amongst the largest global tire makers and is a world leader in the high end, premium product segment. Since its foundation in 1872, Pirelli has expanded its commercial presence to over 160 countries, including 22 manufacturing facilities and approximately 38,000 employees around the world. Pirelli has a strong focus on research and development, investing around 3% of revenues each year into new technology; one of the highest in the tire industry. Pirelli‘s corporate vision and strategy is driven by the goal to constantly improve its products quality in terms of performance, safety, and environmental impact.

Pirelli brings you the best tires on the market. Fast, dynamic and energy efficient; Pirelli tires are designed for safety and maximum traction in all driving conditions because Pirelli knows that performance and driving pleasure go hand-in-hand. Pirelli’s comprehensive portfolio includes the P Zero ultra-high performance tire family, Winter Sottozero tires, Cinturato touring tires and Scorpion SUV/ CUV/truck tires, as well as the All-Season tire lines designed specifically for the North American market. All are infused with Pirelli’s signature craftsmanship, innovation, and style to guarantee an unrivaled driving experience.

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