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Frequently Asked Questions About Tires – Cincinnati OH

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Oh, tires… Perhaps the most under-appreciated aspect of a vehicle. While your focus is justifiably on your vehicle’s engine and mechanic parts, the tires deserve just as much focus and attention. If you fail to maintain these parts, then you’ll surely be visiting a local tire shop before you know it.

However, before you even head into that tire shop, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of these essential car parts. For instance, how often should you be changing the tires, and what’s the best way to care for the parts?

Fortunately, we’re here to help. We’ve listed some frequently asked questions regarding cars below, providing you with all of the insight you could possibly need on one of the most important aspects of your vehicle.

How often should I change my tires?

This answer naturally differs for different types of vehicles, drivers, and tires. That will explain why we suggest a wider range that’s somewhere between three and five years. However, these numbers weren’t just randomly picked out of a hat; rather, there’s some logic to this tire-related madness.

Nowadays, the majority of tires should be able to last at least three to four years, especially if you’ve kept the mileage low. Similarly, even if you haven’t been required to travel through adverse weather or inadequate road conditions, then you’re automatically increasing the lifespan of your tires. However, if you think that your daily commute is relatively standard, then three years is a good benchmark to get them checked. Once you’ve landed on this particular date, consider heading into a local mechanic or dealership. The professionals can give you a fair assessment of your tires’ condition, meaning you can replace the parts before it’s too late.

Speaking of “too late,” five years is certainly the maximum amount of time you should wait to have your tires replaced. Sure, there are plenty of tire brands that will tout that their products can last for a decade on the road, and this may be true… to an extent. Even if the tread on your tires hasn’t completely worn away and you’re still receiving optimal traction from your ride, there’s a good chance the ride quality is still reduced. In other words, once you replace those aging tires with replacements, you’ll better understand what you’ve been dealing with for all this time.

Clearly, there’s no perfect formula to figure out the proper time to pursue new tires. That’s why it’s important that you’re constantly checking the quality and condition of your tires. While it may be a headache to pursue a new seat, imagine the headaches you’ll be dealing with if you continue to drive around on faulty tires.

How do I care for my tires?

Caring for your tires goes beyond avoiding a random pothole. Rather, to get the most out of your tires, there are several easy tips you can follow to get the most out of your tires.

For starters, keep track of your tires’ pressure. Reduced pressure puts more stress on the tires, leading to reduced performance. Furthermore, low pressure is also a safety concern, as your vehicle’s reduced driving ability means you’ll have less control. By assuring that your tires are always at the optimal pressure, you’ll be increasing the chance that your current set of tires reaches that 10-year mark instead of that five-year mark. Refer to your vehicle’s user manual as you’re determining the proper pressure of your car’s tires.

A close up of a tire's pressure being checked at the Cincinnati, OH, tire shop.

Tire rotation is another common piece of maintenance that you can get done to assure the longevity of your current set of tires. By rotating the tires, you’re assuring that they’re wearing evenly. If you fail to do this, you’ll find that the tread on the current configuration declines rapidly.

Finally, you’ll want to adapt your care for your tires based on your current climate. Extreme conditions and temperatures can have a negative impact on tires, as the pressure can unintentionally be increased and the quality of the rubber can be compromised. If you have a garage, you can better assure that you maintain your tires’ quality. If you don’t have a garage, then it may be better to opt for seasonal tires (this would also require you to store your off-season tires in proper conditions).

At the very least, make sure you’re keeping the tires out of direct sunlight, and try to avoid any precipitation (including rain, snow, and ice) when possible. Naturally, these are all unavoidable, but being cognizant of these issues should help to elongate your tires’ lives.

How can I easily determine if my tires need to be replaced?

Don’t feel like referring to a professional before you change your tires? Then there’s an easy test you can do from the comfort of your own home. The penny test has several useful purposes. For starters, you can place an upside-down penny between the tread in your tire. If the top of Lincoln’s head is covered, then your tires are good to go. If you’re starting to see Lincoln’s hairline, then it may be time for a replacement.

Of course, you really shouldn’t need a penny to properly determine whether your tires need to be replaced. Just take a quick look at the quality of the rubber. On newer tires, the tread is visually evident, and you can distinguish each tread line in the rubber. On older tires, the tread wears away, and it’s more difficult to distinguish from one tread mark to the next. This naturally means that traction is reduced, and this means you’re traveling in unsafe conditions. At the very least, this should be a warning that the tires should be checked by a professional.

If there’s one sentiment that’s persisted throughout this entire piece, it’s the fact that you should probably be referring to a professional for all of your tire needs. Fortunately, if you live in Cincinnati, Ohio or the surrounding area, there’s no better option than Kings Ford Quick Lane.

This specialized service provides everything you’d expect from a standard mechanic, except without the high price tag and lackluster final product. Kings Ford Quick Lane offers walk-ins throughout the day (although you may want to make an appointment for any tire maintenance), and you can keep track of their openings throughout the day via their website. You can even refer to the website to make an appointment, contact the service team, or contact the parts department.

Kings Ford Quick Lane is just another reason why this dealership is second-to-none in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. The dealership houses a number of affordable new and used vehicles, providing options for customers on any type of budget. Meanwhile, their finance department is in place for all of those who need some financial help on their impending purchase.

Best of all, their convenient hours means you’ll never have to miss a day of work in order to visit the dealership. The service department is open from 7:30 until 8:00 pm on Monday through Thursday, and until 6:00 pm on Friday. They’re even open during the weekend, providing you with even more chances to visit.

So if you need anything done on your car’s tires (or, you know, if you need a new ride), there’s no use waiting. Head into Kings Ford Quick Lane to get your vehicle running like new!

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