The rear end of a row of SUVs is shown at a Cincinnati Ford service center.

Ford Service Near Me

If you live in the Cincinnati area and you have been endlessly searching, “Ford service near me,” then your search is now over. Kings Ford Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center is your one-stop-shop for all your Ford maintenance needs. No matter what work you need to be done on your Ford car, truck, or SUV, we have you covered.

Why Visit Kings Ford Quick Lane

From routine oil changes to major service, you can always count on us to get you back on the road. With our team of trained technicians, Kings Ford Quick Lane performs top-quality work to factory specifications using only the best parts available. And if you need new tires, we offer guaranteed low prices on the products of no fewer than thirteen major manufacturers, including Michelin, Goodyear, and Continental.

Here at Kings Ford Quick Lane, we also welcome walk-in customers. Although scheduling an appointment in advance will get you our quickest service, we understand that problems cannot always be predicted ahead of time, and if you show up without an appointment, we will still do our best to get you driving again as soon as possible. And while Ford is in our name, we know how to service all makes and models. No matter what you bring us, we will keep it running. Dropping by Kings Ford Quick lane will let us give your vehicle the attention it needs to continue serving you.

A mechanic with a red clipboard is standing in a garage that's ready for Ford Service near me.

Routine Maintenance Keeps You Running

Automobiles are complex machines, and like any machine, they require regular maintenance in order to remain functional. Although modern vehicles are more durable and reliable than ever before, putting off maintenance will still result in reduced performance and eventually, mechanical failure. Your car is not only crucial transportation that allows you to go where you need to go, but it is also an expensive investment. Keeping up with scheduled maintenance is an easy way to protect that investment and ensure that your vehicle is ready to go when needed. While it may seem tedious and expensive, remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. There are some significant consequences of ignoring this necessary maintenance.

Regular oil changes are easy to put off until later, and with the high quality of modern oil, you might think that you can get away with a longer than recommended oil change schedule. However, ignoring your car’s oil is one of the fastest ways to put yourself in the market for a new car. An automobile engine consists of hundreds of finely machined parts moving at thousands of revolutions per minute. With the lubrication provided by high-quality engine oil, they will tear themselves to pieces. Running your car with too little oil in it can destroy an engine in a matter of minutes. But running your car with old or low-quality oil can also result in irreparable damage.

Tires are another place where drivers often try to save money, either by using the cheapest tires they can find or by continuing to use tires that are old or worn out. However, tires are the only thing connecting your car to the road, and a good set of new tires can easily mean the difference between an uneventful drive and an expensive accident. As tires wear, they lose grip and become increasingly prone to skidding and hydroplaning. Further, old tires become brittle and can suddenly fail even during normal driving. Spending a few hundred dollars to keep fresh quality tires on your car is a cheap way to protect your several thousand dollar vehicle, as well as your life.

Regular wheel alignments may also seem like a waste of time and money. But a proper alignment can actually save you money in the end. Driving an out of alignment vehicle can cause accelerated tire wear and cause you to need new tires more often. Further, a properly aligned car will have less resistance and can achieve higher gas mileage. But most importantly, regular alignments result in a better handling vehicle that takes less effort to drive.

So with all of that, it is obvious how important regular maintenance on your vehicle can be. Getting your oil changed, new tires and wheel alignments often can save you thousands of dollars in the long run and keep you safe while you drive. At Kings Ford Quick Lane, we can keep up with this maintenance on your vehicle to ensure you keep driving safely.

What Can Kings Ford Quick Lane Do For You?

A gray car is on a lift while a mechanic is looking underneath it.

Fortunately, Kings Ford Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center is here to cover all of your routine, and not so routine, maintenance needs. Our services run the full gamut from quick oil changes, and tire swaps all the way up to more intensive work such as engine belt replacements and transmission services. Whatever work your Ford car, truck, or SUV needs to return to factory condition; we can perform efficiently and affordably.

Our number one service is our trademark, “The Works.” This covers all the regular maintenance items that your car needs to keep running in good condition. The first step is an oil change using high-quality synthetic oil. We will then rotate your tires to ensure even wear and check that they are inflated correctly for optimal efficiency and handling. During this, we will also inspect your brakes to make sure the pads and rotors do not need replacing. Then we test your battery and check your belts and hoses for excessive wear. Finally, we see if any other fluids need to be topped off or your air filters replaced. In the end, you will be given a vehicle checkup report showing your car’s current status.

Minor unscheduled maintenance items that we handle include replacing windshield wiper blade, changing out exterior and interior light bulbs, and checking wheel alignment. And if you need your tires replaced, we offer a selection of all the major brands with guaranteed low pricing. Finally, we also perform major maintenance. These services include air conditioning repair, diagnostic and replacement of faulty electronics, changing worn engine belts and chains, replacing old suspension components, and even a full transmission service.

How To Reach Us

Kings Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center is located at 8755 Fields Ertel Road, just off of Interstate 71. This makes it easy to reach us no matter which direction you are coming to us from.

If you are coming to us from central Cincinnati, then follow Interstate 71 North until you reach Exit 19. The exit will put you on Mason Montgomery Road. Then take the first left onto Escort Drive and follow that until it intersects with Fields Ertel Road. You will see our building immediately across the road from you on your right. Just turn right onto Fields Ertel Road and get in the left lane to reach our entrance.

From the outskirts of Cincinnati, the easiest way to reach us is to get on Interstate 275 and follow it until it connects with Interstate 71 North at Exit 49. Once on Interstate 71, you will have a two-minute drive to Exit 19.

If you are heading to us from the direction of Columbus, then follow Interstate 71 South to Exit 19. After you have taken the exit, just continue straight from the offramp across Mason Montgomery Rd onto Escort Drive. That will intersect with Fields Ertel Road, and we are located right at the other side of the intersection. Just turn right, and our entrance will be on your left.

Kings Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center

Kings Ford Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center provides local automobile maintenance and repairs for Cincinnati area residents. No matter what make and model you drive, we are here to keep you on the road. From routine oil changes and tire rotations to unscheduled work on major components, our team provides quick and professional service using quality parts and factory specifications. Either set up an appointment in advance or just drop by at a time that works for you, Kings Ford Quick Lane is always here to take care of you and your vehicle. Regular maintenance is always important, but we make it easy.